Who we are

At Life Events Organizing we have decades of experience in the retirement, divorce and financial planning world. 

We operate in a fee-only, independent engagement with our clients and operate with the highest of standards, aligned with the best interest of our clients. 

Financial Planning, Financial Literacy & Our Mission to Help

The largest financial problems individuals and families face today:

1) Lack of savings,

2) Inadequate retirement plans,

3) Divorce and planning the before, through and after, 

4) Lack of financial literacy and financial planning.


At Life Events Organizing, we help individuals, families, businesses and non-profit organizations tackle these financial problems using personal, custom, independent financial planning and financial literacy programs. Our forward thinking guidance and delivery helps solve for these problems and build financial futures in a wide variety of ways.

The Value We Add

The value we add to our clients comes with knowledge, freedom and relieving them of the burdens of financial planning, financial literacy and financial stress.

We provide clients with solutions to help them, and those they care about, achieve the clarity and understanding they need to make more confident life decisions.  Our work helps eliminate stress during very overwhelming times, economic uncertainties, and all which comes at us in life.