At Life Events Organizing ™ we focus on providing clarity and understanding at times when our clients are very overwhelmed dealing with major life changes. 

Our focus in on financial organization and financial literacy and walking the path with our clients through the entire transition process. Our value to our clients comes with providing knowledge, freedom and relieving them of the burdens of the unknown as they navigate through Divorce and other major life events.

What Separates Us

What makes Life Events Organizing different is our concierge service model, our focus on financial organization and on financial literacy. We work with clients to get them ready for their meetings with Mediators, Attorneys and Financial Professionals. 

Unlike these professionals, we work with our clients in an environment where they are comfortable and help them sort out what they don't know. We help them gather all of their financial information as they prepare for transitions. As it relates to divorce, not only do we help clients gather all of their financial information to complete their financial statement, but teach them what the financial statement entails allowing them to ask the right questions as they review their spouse's financial statement.

We serve as a sounding board for any and all things our clients have to deal with as they go through a major change in their life and make sure they come out feeling strong and empowered.

A Complement to Your Professionals

Attorneys view Divorce from the perspective of the law to get their clients the best settlement.  Financial Planners view Divorce from the perspective of planning once the divorce settlement is final. Most mediators mediate Divorce amazingly but don't always know the financial world or have the background to ensure the clients long terms needs are met after the divorce. Our focus on financial organization and literacy coupled with our financial services background as well as training in the divorce arena enables us to provide value and a service that is unique so while our clients continue working with these professionals, we make sure they are getting the right support to keep their overall bigger picture in mind.